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I build and maintain features tailored specifically to Shopify merchants.

Building the right kind of features and maintaining them is essential to having an excellent user experience. It leaves a great impression on your website visitors, which makes them want to shop at your store again. I can help with this by quickly identifying your pain points, and presenting efficient solutions to you.

As a graduate of Software Engineering and having worked in many different tech roles, I’ve learned what it takes to adapt my skills to match client needs. More specifically, my work with a variety of Shopify merchants (through a corporate agency, as well as freelance) gives me the technical skills needed to get the job done.

Case Study
Canadiens Boutique

Size Chart

Implemented over 65 size chart types, to be used for hundreds of products within the store.

French Localization

Added the french language throughout the whole website (Home, Collections, Products, Email templates, etc..)

Gift Wrap

Added a gift-wrap feature to the website.

Client Testimonials
Real Clients, Real Results:

Mohammed Abdulridha | Co-Founder of Canadiens Boutique

"It really was a great experience working with Ahmed, and I highly recommend him to anybody that is looking to start their online store or to develop a project they have in mind."

Zahra Rahimtoola | Co-Founder of FlagMart Canada

As a new business owner and a complete novice at managing my Shopify store, I needed someone who could help me make the updates to the store that I needed in order to drive growth and sales.

Ahmed exceeded my expectations. I told him my requirements and preferences and he took the time to explain to me exactly what goes into making the updates I need. Not only is he highly skilled at what he does but he genuinely cared about making the website look great. He is responsive and clear in his communications.

Ahmed demonstrated a clear understanding of the scope of what I needed and the nature of what would be involved. As such, he was able to manage my expectations around time and cost associated with the work. He was detail oriented, diligent and quick to finish the tasks assigned. Once completed, he provided me with a detailed briefing on what was done and how I could manage the store settings to make tweaks and changes if I wanted to.

I’m really impressed by the service I was provided and I am looking forward to our next collaboration!

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